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Actual Customer Testimonials

Chastity H  June 2015

Stacie and Rob are very honest and trustworthy people. Have always done an outstanding job on my carpets and furniture. I have used them 3 times, and they have done an amazing job!! I trust them enough to leave them alone to work, and let them lock up after they leave. The house smell amazing, and the best part is my carpet is dry when they are done. Love them. Great Christian couple who help make my home and carpet clean.

Stacia L. September 2014

Corner Stone Kleen did a great job cleaning all of the carpets in my vacation rental home located in Somerset, KY earlier this year so when I had a water problem at my house this week I called them immediately and they helped me within the day. I had a water leak at that home and once it was repaired Corner Stone Kleen went out immediately the same day to dry and treat the affected carpets. If Corner Stone Kleen had not been so quick and resourceful I would be replacing carpet!!

Joanne B.  May 2014,

Thank you!   Great Job!

Corinne C. 2011

They did a fantastic job. They were very professional and did a great job. It was quite affordable. I was absolutely comfortable with them.

Suzanne C.  2013

Carpet cleaning performed for living room, dining room, den and three bedrooms.  Some areas of the carpets - especially in doorways - were really soiled and were thoroughly cleaned by this service.  The carpet in all rooms was white plush.
It was great.  Stacey and Rob are friendly and professional.  They arrived on time and I have nothing but praise for their work.

Samantha, CSX, 2-26-13

Thank you so much for all the help.  The restrooms look awesome!!!

Nadeane Newell, 5-19-12, Somerset

I recommend them to all my friends and they clean my carpets every year. They always do a great job and make sure my carpet is dry enough for my dogs to lay on.

Susie R

They were on time, courteous and performed the job quickly & efficiently. Very friendly & did a wonderful job. Carpets look like new. Spared a lot of money.

Mike T, Somerwoods EVS, 10-26-11, 9-12-12

All I can say is WOW about West Wing's carpets.  The compliments have been great and I have been recommending you all that I can. Thanks,

Brian C, Shift, Fazoli's, Somerset 9-5-12

The carpets look great! They have restored them to their original color. WOW!

Toni D, Somerset 5-29-12

Dear Stacey and Rob,

Thank you so much for all you did to make our kitchen floor tile look so good. It has held up through the remodel and subsequent washings. And thank you so much for the additional grout sealer and floor cleaner.

Please put us on your contact list for referrals. We are very pleased with the work you did for us and we will happily recommend your services.

Thanks again,

Toni D

Jane M, Somerset 11-14-11

Thank you for another fabulous job on our carpets!  I was so pleased when I got home.  I got your note and all and appreciate the work you do!

Pam C, GM Raising Cane's Lexington 2-11-11

You can use me as a reference for sure.  The floors are great, thanks again!

Tyler M, GM Raising Cane's Lexington 12-21-10

They look great!  Thank you so much, y'all did a great job.

Jace and Joanne B, Lexington, 9-09

Thank you, you are the epitome of customer service. Our floors look almost brand new!  Thank you!


They did a great job.  I will definately recommend them to anyone.  I am contractor and I was wowed by their results!

Bill B.

Stacey and Rob cleaned very old wall to wall carpeting in a large house that we were renting. The carpets looked better than when we moved in. They also came back and spent a half day on a nail polish stain that was there when we moved in. I was afraid our difficult landlord would think that we had spilled it because I didn't notice it at pre-lease inspection. Excellent job! We have had Corner Stone Kleen clean our carpets in 3 of our residences. They are kind, work relentlessly, and very reasonable. The results have been outstanding.

Joy B.

My husband and I were moving back to Bronston, KY from South Carolina and needed our carpets cleaned prior to moving in. This company did a wonderful job!!! I called them from South Carlina and set up a time for the house to be opened for them to do their thing. They showed up on time, did exactly what they said they would do, and then billed us via paypal and an email. It was so easy, fast and very professional. Afterwards, they even sent a follow up letter with one of their recipes thanking us for using them. I highly recommend this company!!!


They were wonderful, did a great job on my white carpets even got out coffee stains and pet odors. I would highly recommend these people to anyone.

Teri A.

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